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About Dr Dyer and her Specialisms

Why choose Dr Hilary Dyer as your Independent Educational Psychologist

  • Hilary offers a dedicated, caring, friendly and professional service
  • She is an expert practitioner psychologist in Autism and PDA
  • She has over 30 years’ experience and vast knowledge in the field of Special Educational Needs
  • She comes very highly recommended by parents. View testimonials »
  • Assessments are conducted in your home at your convenience

  • No lengthy waiting list! Appointments usually available within one month
  • She has an excellent rapport with parents and children
  • Hilary is completely independent. She has no affiliation with any local authorities, schools, or other therapists/professionals.
  • Hilary always works to secure the right diagnoses, where warranted, and the right provision for the child, placing the child at the centre of the decision making.

How I work

  1. Contact by parents/carers directly
  2. Discussion of child’s difficulties and explanation of work required
  3. Written quotation provided with 7 days for parents to accept
  4. Letter of engagement and full terms and conditions – must be accepted in writing before any work can commence
  5. Receiving and reviewing of relevant documentation including current Statement, reports from professionals, Individual Education Plans
  6. Scheduling appointment in the home and school
  7. Liaison with child’s school SENCO/ staff
  8. Parental Questionnaires emailed/posted. These must be completed and returned by 2 days before the assessment
  9. Parental discussions before/during assessment
  10. Assessment with child – with movement, play, comfort, sensory, and refreshment breaks taken across the day as appropriate
  11. Detailed notes made of how your child approaches the assessment and engages with me, vital clues to what approaches and interventions will work, or not
  12. Immediate feedback to parents on assessment and school visit
  13. Scoring, analysis and interpretation of the tests conducted
  14. Draft report including full set of recommendations. Where the report is required for a SEND Appeal, recommendations will set out detailed description of child’s needs (Part 2) requirements for provision, detailed, specified and quantified (Part 3) and professional opinion for suitable placement (Part 4)

‘Thank you so much for your time and help. Your report is brilliant.  You’re the best by far.  It’s just a hard read for how much he suffers.’

Mrs S, mother of F,(7) diagnosed by me with PDA.  (November 2018)

Values and Ethics


The identity of this business is values driven – underpinned by a strong set of ethics, morals and values.

The aim of the business run by Dr Hilary Dyer is to serve the needs of children and young people with Special Educational Needs. Hilary does this by providing assessments and reports for parents and others to use as expert evidence. Hilary conducts the affairs of this business and practises Educational Psychology in accordance with the following principles:

  1. I act with diligence, professional and personal integrity and concerns toward my clients, their children, and members of staff of organisations with whom my work brings me into contact.
  2. I continue to work as a reflective practitioner, taking time to examine what I do, how I do it, and why I do it.
  3. This business operates for the purposes of securing social justice for families of children with SEN in seeking to ensure that such children receive access to the services from Education, Health and Social Services that they require to meet their SEN
  4. I will make every effort to ensure that my clients receive the services they need from me which I am professionally qualified to offer them
  5. My business not only operates as a profitable entity, but also furthers and contributes to my spiritual goals in what I do and the way I do it.
  6. This business aims to make a small but measurable positive and proactive difference in society and within families with children with SEN
  7. I nurture and value my work-life balance which fits within the parameters of operating a sustainable business and ensuring that my clients’ needs are met. This means that I am able to offer a flexible, and ‘out of hours’ service to clients who need to contact me during evenings and weekends
  8. I aim to operate my business in such a way that my behaviour towards, and treatment of, clients and situations evidences a concern for:
    • valuing and respecting others
    • encouraging and nurturing a culture of high trust
    • where appropriate, giving people the benefit of the doubt
  9. I work to do whatever it takes to provide my services to my clients, but this is not at all costs – to myself, to clients, and third parties.
  10. I work in a thoughtful, caring, ethical and morally acceptable way at all times. My professional and personal integrity, including straight-forwardness, honesty and openness are drivers to my actions, and are hallmarks of my work.
  11. I work in a strategic, yet non-confrontational, way to secure the desired outcomes for parents and children.
  12. Should I make a mistake or be careless in my thoughts, words or deeds, I seek immediately to apologize, and to put things right without need for a ‘complaints procedure’.
  13. I never unlawfully discriminate on the grounds of age, race, colour, ethnic or national origins, gender, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, religion, belief, or any other ground on which people may be treated less favourably than others.

Dr. Hilary Dyer FRSA
Renewed March 2015