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Rumour has it…

Rumour has it that I am:

  1. Dying – imminently
  2. Retiring

I am delighted to confirm that neither is accurate or true.  I think a number of facebook posts have been made about the state of my health without actually checking with me my position.  So lots have been based on hearsay and misconception.

I am also happy to confirm the accurate position in relation to my current services for parents.

Having turned 60 in March 2017, and after a couple of recent health concerns, I am now in receipt of a (small) occupational pension. This means that I am REDUCING my workload by cutting out all travel to assessments which is over 100 miles from Worcester.  I do not assess youngsters in my home. I am accepting fewer instructions and engagements to assess youngsters.  This will inevitably mean slightly longer waits for appointments.  This should not be more than 2 months.

I am also concentrating in the coming months on writing further chapters of my new PDA book ‘New Insights into Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome’.

I am always pleased to receive enquiries and requests for assessments of Children and Young People from 4 to 16 years with an ASD/PDA profile who live within a 100 mile radius of Worcester, and where parents are happy to accept an assessment appointment which may be about two months from the date of their enquiry.

If you want accurate information and updates, please contact me directly. Please do not rely on secondary sources of information such as those incorrectly reported on PDA and other facebook group pages.

Thanks very much.


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