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Independent Educational PsychologistDr Dyer conducts robust and rigorous, holistic and integrated assessments of children’s cognitive and intellectual functioning, and also secures behavioural, social, and emotional profiles. Assessments are conducted in the child’s home setting, and also at Nursery, School or College.

Assessment toolkits used include

  • WISC-IV – Click here to download information about this assessment
  • WIAT-II – Click here to download information about this assessment
  • PEP-3R – Click here to download information about this assessment

Where Dyslexia is also suspected, the TOWRE and CTOPP tests are also conducted in order to secure a robust diagnosis.

Assessments also include information secured from parents via a range of questionnaires and rating scales, including:

Child Psychology Assessments

  • The Goodman SDQ
  • Conners 3 (ADHD)
  • Gilliam Autism Rating Scale (GARS)
  • Barkley Home Situations Questionnaire
  • Barkley School Situations Questionnaire
  • Working Memory Rating Scale
  • NAS Sensory Processing Difficulties Checklist
  • Werry-Weiss-Peters Activity Rating Scale

Fees and Costs

Dr. Dyer’s fees for all work are £150 per hour.

The following costs are given as a guideline only. Clients are provided with a written estimate of costs involved for the work required by Dr. Dyer.

  • Full cognitive assessment using WISC –IV 2 hours
  • Additional completion of the WIAT –II 2 hours
  • Completion of TOWRE and CTOPP 1.5-2 hours
  • Scoring and interpretation of results 1.5-2 hours
  • Writing up of report 2-4 hours

Completion of the PEP-3R would be spread over about half a day (4 hours) and would be costed at this rate

Travel costs: Mileage for travel by car costed at .50p per mile. Travel time costs: £40 per hour

VAT is not chargeable

School Visits

Child Education Psychologist - School visitsWherever possible, Dr Dyer conducts visits to a child’s current educational setting to observe and assess the teaching and learning context, and to assess the suitability of the provision for the child. Visits always include professional discussions with relevant school staff.

Visits are scheduled for 2-3 hours, and a written report with recommendations is provided. You should allow between 3 and 4 hours of time costs in total for this work.

Where parents are seeking a change of placement, Dr Dyer visits both the current school placement and parents’/LA preferred placements. This will incur about 2-3 hours of additional time costs per school visit and 1-2 hours for the report of the visit.

Diagnoses and specialist assessments for Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome

PDA AssessmentsDr Dyer has extensive experience and expertise in the diagnosis and assessment of Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome (PDA).

Her robust assessments include:

  1. The review of existing professional reports
  2. Observation and assessment of the child in the home setting
  3. Observation and assessment of the child in their educational setting
  4. Discussions with school staff
  5. Parental Interview

Detailed reports set out her professional opinion in relation to the current diagnostic criteria for the condition.

Dr Dyer can assess children from 4 to 16 years who may have this condition. There may be a pre-existing diagnosis of Autism, or Atypical Autism, which does not match the child’s presentation. If you think your child is presenting with PDA, please read the article by Margo Duncan, which you can download here or on my resources page, for more information.


This extensive assessment takes several hours usually over two days. Please contact me to discuss your individual requirements.

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Training for schools on Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome

Dr Dyer provides in-service training to schools and colleges on Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome. Dr Dyer is a Specialist in this field and has conducted numerous assessments across country. She also conducts research into this little-known and poorly understood condition. She delivers training to staff in mainstream and special schools in the maintained and independent sectors.

Typically, in-service training workshops cover:

  • What is PDA and how does it differ from Autism, and Conduct Disorders?
  • What are the defining criteria?
  • Recent case studies discussed
  • Strategies which do not work in PDA and why they don’t work
  • Strategies known to work with PDA


A twilight session of approximately 1.5 hours, between 3.30p.m. and 5.30p.m. would be £300 plus travelling expenses at .50p per mile from Malton, North Yorkshire.

Full PowerPoint presentation and handout provided.

For further information and to book a session contact Hilary on 01653 648806 or send an email