0776 3838 114


‘Fantastic report and so detailed, just what we need.

Thank you so much’


January 2020

Thank you again for your amazing insight (if only others understood PDA like you) and for increasing my understanding of D and her needs so I can help her more.

Best wishes for a lovely Christmas.

Ms S

Thank you again for the very prompt response, and thank you for all your efforts in helping children with this condition generally. I wish there were more people like you around.

Best wishes


December 2019


‘My experience of you has been that you are indeed brilliant and very skilled in what you do and all you offer.  As well as being a wonderful Psychologist you are also a superb presenter, so engaging.  But what I have also experienced is your good heart and your strength and courage to overcome, your willingness to be vulnerable, and your generosity of spirit in wanting to protect the well-being of others.’

JH Parent, December 2019


What is so valuable to parents like us, is to have your input in such a pragmatic and practical way. So often we have felt that the ratio between observation and advice/solutions is not balanced. But you are exceptional in that regard, as you’re giving us strategies and solutions on a practical level that can and do make such a huge difference to a child like M. For which we are eternally grateful!

Mr & Mrs B (following the reassessment of their youngster with PDA, December 2019)


Your assessment and report really were a key element in obtaining the provision he needs (along with Mike’s representation as well) so thank you so much again for all of your help. I’m aware this remains the start of the road and have no doubt you’ll be involved in his ongoing story.

Mr & Mrs S

December 2019

Thank you so much for yesterday – we felt it was hugely valuable and very productive. It was so lovely to see you again – and D & I really appreciate your expert input and support. I genuinely think M really enjoyed you being here – he was very relaxed last night and positive about your visit.

Thanks again for all your help, support and kind words of encouragement.

K & D

December 2019

PDA reassessment

Dear Hilary,

Thank you so much for your very insightful and informative report on A. I have now read it twice and am very delighted to be able to forward this on to (Local Authority)

L & C (Parents)

November 2019


‘Thank you so much for the information you have provided for the Hearing – as always, very thorough and much appreciated! a huge thank you for looking at this at such short notice!’

Mr & Mrs B

(October 2019)

Dear Hilary, forgive me but I forgot to share the tribunal outcome with you. We won! Again….and then some.

The Tribunal even amended your advice of a buddy to a TA. So, because of the LA’s arrogance, it’s cost them more than had they have done their job right first time. Foolish!

Many thanks indeed.

K  xx  (parent)

August 2019

‘The world of PDA needs the kind of professional injection of inspiring material that is Dr Hilary Dyer.’

Parent PDA blogger UK  August 2019

‘… not a week goes by when we don’t say how lucky we were to have the thorough and detailed report you did for M. It has made such a huge difference and the good news is that on the whole the LEA has accepted all of your recommendations. We have had a lot of comings and goings as they were given to trying to ‘edit’ some of the recommendations, but we’ve persisted and are now in a strong position.’

Mr & Mrs B, parents of M

July 2019

I just wanted to send you a quick update on A.

We’ve finally received a draft EHCP from (LA) for 20 hours a week. Seeing as they initially refused to assess him I’m pleased they’ve agreed to issue one. They’ve included many of your recommendations in the plan.

It also includes the wording of a PDA profile and specifies PDA training for staff. It also includes the wording of personalised learning, choices, rest times, flexibility etc.

I just wanted to thank you again for your help and support; I recommend you to anyone who I meet along the way.

Wishing you the very best and kindest regards



May 2019


It was such a pleasure to meet you properly yesterday.  You are an extraordinary Psychologist and a wonderful person who we feel incredibly blessed to now have on Team T.   M and I want to thank you for your insights so far and for your careful and sensitive approach with T throughout.  We are very much looking forward to receiving your report.

J & M Parents, February 2019

Dear Hilary

Many thanks for your final report.

We are in no doubt it will be crucial for us getting the best outcome for D in the future. Thank you!

Mr & Mrs R,   February 2019


Hi Hilary

Thanks for your report. It makes fascinating reading. Thank you. We believe it will be a very powerful report for D.

D & J February 2019


Dear Hilary,

Just to thank you again for all your support and help for the Tribunal. We wouldn’t have been able to secure the best outcome for A without your help, guidance and expertise.

We are eternally grateful.

With Kind Wishes to you

A & M (Parents) February 2019

Dear Hilary, thank you for your email. It is always a pleasure working you.

In the hearing you said what needed to be said; no more, no less, and they were said robustly and with passion. There’s no doubt in my mind that you enabled the panel to make the right decisions for A.


Ken Upton Talking SENse February 2019

‘Thank you Hilary for your very timely report. Yet again, the quality of your assessment and report never cease to amaze me.’

January 2019

‘Thank you Hilary

This report is fantastic. I cannot thank you enough for all your support help and guidance.

Kind regards’

January 2019

‘Thank you so much for delivering another fantastic session.  I had really positive feedback from A and P when I was dropping them off. So lucky to have you on Team Oscar and Team H.’

January 24th 2019

‘Hi Hilary,

We have had some news, and for once it is good! LA have agreed to name (specialist independent school) as M’s placement!!! It feels like it has taken forever to get them to see what is clear to everyone that knows M but we got there in the end, finally.

Thank you so much for all of your ongoing help and support, without you this would never have been possible without serious damage done to M and his mental health due to the way the system works.

Hopefully now with the right support at school, we will be able to start to see the happy little boy we know he can be. We haven’t seen him for a very long time.

Please have a glass of something naughty and celebrate for us over the weekend, we will be opening our wedding fizz and most definitely raising a glass to you.

Lots of love

January 24th 2019

‘What a pleasure to meet you Hilary – you were fabulous, bright and full of zest – an inspiration and my team went away feeling very supported and encouraged.’

January 24th 2019

‘Dear Hilary,

Happy New Year to you!

We all wanted to convey our heart-felt thanks to you for your unwavering help and support with I.

After 10 months of ‘negotiation’ etc with the LA, they agreed (after mediation) to a PB and EOTAS status.  We have settled on £6,780 to support us through to July. This will secure OT, SALT, Clinical Psychology and a day at (local care farm).

Please know that you have been instrumental in this result and we are so grateful.

Thank you!’

W,T, I & F, January 2018 

‘I’m so glad the change in Oscar is apparent. It was just a delight to watch your interactions with him.

The main things I noticed when we were in the Astra were:

  • You used no negatives – no, don’t, can’t etc.
  • Every sentence was formulated as a query when you discussed leaving the car.
  • You sounded calm and relaxed through the whole conversation
  • You explained rather than just stating

I have honestly never seen anyone interact with him in that way and I have since attempted to be much more considered in my approach. It was truly fascinating and I think I learnt more about PDA friendly interactions in those 15 mins than I ever have reading.’

Jude,  mother of Oscar Dec 2018

Reader note by Dr Hilary Dyer: I first diagnosed Oscar with PDA in February 2017.  Since then his parents have fought for and secured a Personal Budget, a bespoke curriculum for him, and EOTAS recorded on his EHCP at Section I.   I re-assessed him in late November 2018 and couldn’t believe the difference in this little boy, and the improvements were extraordinary !

‘Thank you so much for your time and help. Your report is brilliant.  You’re the best by far.  It’s just a hard read for how much he suffers.’

Mrs S, mother of F,(7) diagnosed by me with PDA.  (November 2018)

‘Thank you for all your support with the twins over the last year.

You’re an amazing individual and a passionate professional and your support has been invaluable. Thank you so much and best wishes as always.’

Mrs H (parent) November 2018

Hi Hilary,

I’m really, really happy with the report Hilary. Thank you so much! I will read through it all again when the boys give me a chance but I’m really pleased with it and very grateful for all of your hard work on this.

Thank you so much for all of your help and support Hilary.

K, mum of C (September 2018)

Hi Hilary,

Many thanks for such a comprehensive and detailed report.

K and D, parents of M (Sept 2018)

Hi Hilary

Many thanks for your continued help and support and for the letter setting out your professional opinion. We have both read through it and think it is extremely helpful and informative. Thank you for your kind ‘parenting’ related comments – I’m sure there is a lot we could learn/do better, but we do try very hard to maintain a low arousal/demand environment at home for M so it’s greatly reassuring to hear your thoughts.

K & D, parents of M (August 2018)


Hi Hilary

Thanks so much for all the information – it’s very useful and much appreciated. I can’t quite believe how thorough the behaviour support plan is – it just highlights how lacking M’s current plan is.

Mr & Mrs B (August 2018)

‘Dr. Keen speaks incredibly highly of you and was ever so glad you are involved to guide L’s education’

Ms K-M parent, by email, 20th August 2018

Hi Hilary,

Thank you so much for the report.

I have had a quick browse and it brilliantly summarises A’s condition and the requirements that are needed to help him progress further.

Thank you so much for all your hard work, expertise and dedication.

Thanks again Hilary, you are truly wonderful and we are eternally grateful to you for everything!

Kind Wishes,

A, mother of A, 7 diagnosed with PDA , July 2018

I’ve been very lucky that Miss H (his 1:1) has taken on all of your strategies and they’ve worked so very well. I honestly can’t thank you enough for all you have done for us!  Thanks so much again.


Ms E mother of C, 5 diagnosed with PDA, Summer 2018



‘I think that the work you do is amazing and I agree with (parents) that you are a brilliant advocate for PDA and a voice for our children in a sea of very little knowledge and support’

T, mother,  May 2018

The report is amazing! We very much appreciate all your hard work

Thank you for working so tirelessly for us PDA parents.

You are indeed a PDA champion in a landscape of little knowledge and support.

Mr & Mrs J, Parents of I, aged 7.  (May 2018)


Dear Hilary,

Thank you very much for the draft, which we have now read many many many times.

I think you have captured L holistically and that the educational plan you propose is not only appropriate for her, but also inspired!

Your suggestions regarding L and activities that might be appropriate and enjoyable have already made such a big difference to her life.

Parent (April 2018, following PDA assessment and diagnosis and completion of draft report)


Hi Hilary

I just thought I would update you regarding EHCP. After a call to the LA yesterday, we have been informed that they have agreed to assess!!!

Great news!!!! Tribunal 1 is off the cards!

(parent T, by email, 29th March 2018)

I feel privileged to have met you and am so glad we’ve kept in touch. You’ve helped me through one of the darkest periods of my life as a mother, all whilst battling your cancer. You’re an inspiration.

JE Mother of a child I assessed in Feb 2017

March 2018


Thank you for all your help. You really provided a lifeline when nobody else took my concerns seriously and your letter-report was most useful to the assessors at the centre.

With my deep gratitude.

All the Best,

Dr E S

February 2018


‘Hello Hilary,

Thank you for sending your report through.  I have read it on screen and printed it off to allow me to work through it section by section as it is a very comprehensive report.  I am meeting with mum tomorrow to plan for A’s education.  Many thanks.

Kind regards

(SEND Officer, Local Authority in England)  January 2018

‘Hi Hilary.

The report is fantastic. I believe it sets out everything A needs.  Thank you so much for this.

Thank you again for your work; it will make a world of difference to A and our family’s lives.’

J & C Parents of A. January 2018

I would like to share with you some of our good fortune and thank you for being such a major part in making this good fortune happen.

  1. L has continued to achieve exponentially right across the board; she is now happier and more balanced than she has ever been and her comprehension is improving way beyond our greatest expectations.
  2. We are getting full time teaching support from (independent specialist provider) in our home classroom setting and everyone working with us and L absolutely love it.

3.Both myself and C are employed by (independent specialist provider) (me full-time and C part-time).

4. I spend about one full day in the classroom working with L, the rest of the time I am supporting others to work with L or developing the software (which has excitingly evolved on a massive scale).

5. The council did not dispute our progress at tribunal and have now withdrawn from the criminal prosecution over school absence (stating it is not in the public interest).

Without your support, none of this would have been possible.

We cannot express our gratitude enough and thank you for all the hard work you have done for us (even through the most difficult and trying of times).

You are a godsend and undoubtedly we are so lucky that we found you!


Deepest Regards

P, C, M, and L

(Parents of L, December 2017)

‘I’ve just joined a group on Facebook which has been formed to try and raise awareness about PDA amongst healthcare professionals and an article you wrote about PDA often being mistaken for attachment disorder was posted. You were spoken of very highly in response to that article being posted, not just for the article itself but as a professional who has extensive knowledge and is passionate about PDA.

Best wishes,



(Previous and  returning parent client) December 2017

‘the LA are at this moment writing a draft EHCP for E. The OT who you recommended went into school to do a report and it was pretty painful reading . I have forwarded you a copy so you can see. Anyway so with yours, R’s and L’s reports I am waiting for them to issue the draft. I had to do an updated OT report as the LA OT discharged E so the school has no direction for the sensory difficulties.

You have made such a difference for us and to our family and your kindness will never be forgotten.


Sarah x


(Previous, and returning parent-client). December 2017

R loves it at (independent specialist provider).  I’m sure it will be challenging settling him into the new routine but it will be worth it.

It’s all thanks to you that he made the transition there.

Your report was used again in this recent tribunal to achieve the good results.

Take care


‘I want you to know that finding you and engaging you to conduct this work for us has made a world of difference to our family. Your engagement has given us the confidence as parents to trust our instincts and the conviction that we know F and her needs best despite what school and GPs might suggest.’

Parents of F.  November 2017

‘We fully expected to have a long and drawn out tribunal process. However, today…….(the LA) have ‘phoned and said they will be naming (Independent Specialist Provider for PDA) and J is to go for assessment on Thursday and Friday of this week!!!!

We are in shock and still can’t believe it! We just want to thank you so very, very much for the fantastic report you wrote which not only will have influenced their decision and their knowledge that it would be very credible at a tribunal – but has also enabled us to understand J much better and to articulate the challenges he faces so much more clearly. This is an opportunity that could change J’s life….and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for that.’

Ms P  September 2017

‘The reality is that you have made a world of difference and without you our position would not be so strong, it is also unlikely that the council would have ever agreed to the provider of our choice without knowing we were being guided by your input which has significantly tipped the scale.

You have been so wonderful to us and a solid rock through the most difficult of times (even under the most extreme circumstances of your own). I don’t feel there are words to express just how much we appreciate what you have done – it means the world to have someone who truly cares about the quality of service they deliver and someone in this dying age of professionalism who genuinely maintains the standards… you are a rare find and a true diamond in a world of fakes!


Thank you from all of us


July 2017

‘Dear Hilary,

I have now read through the report and it is extremely comprehensive and exactly what I was looking for in order to help K.

I feel confident that this report is so comprehensive that it will be very helpful in not only meeting K’s educational needs, but will also encourage a re-review of his health needs (as you have very succinctly highlighted).

Thank you very much Hilary.’

Summer 2017

‘I just wanted to drop you a line to advise that we have been successful in securing (independent specialist ASD College) for J.  It was an enormous battle with the LA but we settled yesterday to avoid the Tribunal today. J will be going on a 44 week basis with all therapies we asked for, an amazing result.

Your report was very valuable, our barrister commented on how good it was 🙂 so thank you for that.’

September 2017

‘Dr Dyer agreed with the existing diagnoses of ASD and with Dr C’s conclusions about PDA, which Dr Dyer said arises from and is part of N’s ASD. She made detailed recommendations for provision’

‘Dr Dyer carried out a very thorough assessment of N. In particular she carried out formal testing and observed N both at home and at ES.’

‘We found Dr Dyer’s report to be a thoughtful and nuanced description of the special educational provision which is required to meet N’s needs.’

‘We amended part 3 accordingly, adding to the provision Dr Dyer’s key specific recommendations’.

‘We noted that it is the type of school specifically recommended by Dr Dyer whose report we had found to be robust and persuasive’

Judge Michele Michaelson, Tribunal Judge, 30th January 2017 (SE867/16/00001)

‘We found the independent reports to be carefully considered and highly persuasive’

Judge Catherine Mather, 30th March 2016 (EH335/15/00007)

‘The written and oral professional evidence on the parents’ side has been compelling’

‘Dr Dyer clearly has specialist knowledge of PDA, based on professional and research experience and we accept, on balance, that A is showing explicit features of PDA. This is important because it is likely that strategies to address his particular difficulties many not flow directly from conventional ASD methodology’

‘The LA has been unable to explain its refusal to accept that A’s presentation would suggest a diagnosis of PDA, or that he has a sensory processing disorder. We accept the parental evidence on both those issues’.

Judge Margaret Richards, 1st April 2015 (SE830/14/00045)

The quality and standard of the report is very high indeed. We are very impressed with it all and we feel you have really understood H’s current needs and level of support he actually needs given his challenges and special needs.

Mr & Mrs A,  Feb 2016

Thank you for all your help Hilary. You really did help me to know which way to turn when I was at a complete loss. Thank you ever so much

Carly xxx


We did it !!!! Thanks so much Hilary xx


(LA has accepted my PDA diagnosis, amended the Statement  and named an out of borough specialist placement  at part 4,  without a SENTW appeal !)


Thanks Hilary! It’s such a relief having your support with EHC Plan! It’s such a minefield…. Those poor children who have no help – they all end up sectioned,  or in prison.  It’s a huge tragedy.  Thank goodness for people like you! So glad I found you!

Jan 2016

Hi Hilary,

I would like to thank you for all your support to both myself, H and C. C really enjoyed her games with you! We really do appreciate all your hard work and dedication.

J, December 2015

Hi Hilary,

We have come to an 11th hour agreement with council re A and they have agreed to each issue we have raised. (We) have therefore withdrawn our appeal.  (LA) have in this instance been supportive and although we can’t predict what the future will bring for A, we feel we have got everything that we would have got for her from the appeal and then some!!

The 5 hours with (specialist outreach provision) are for teachers at home, with the additional hours agreed for tutors she currently has. So county will now take over financing all current private lessons and travel etc.

Thank you so very much for all your help in getting A the education that she needs to succeed and is able to access.

If we can help in any way with research you are doing please don’t hesitate to ask. We are more than happy to help.

Kind regards

J, S,  A and M.

‘Wonderful, very informative. Thank you very much. It’s fired me up for the fight!’ Rachel, Parent

‘Excellent, thank you! Very enlightening’ BBC Journalist and parent.

‘Excellent informative talk with coherent panorama of advice’  David, Parent of 8 year old with PDA

‘Full of great information and guidance. Very friendly and informal- felt totally at ease’ Gail, Parent

‘Very informative. Answered many of my queries and cleared up my understanding of PDA’ Rebecca

‘Extremely informative. The presentation has clarified the PDA profile’. Raechel

‘It’s really useful to know someone with a particular interest (in PDA) and of someone who I can refer on to for more specific support and advice.’

‘Dr Dyer clearly has specialist knowledge of PDA, based on professional and research experience, and we accept that A is showing explicit features of PDA. This is important because it is likely that strategies to address his particular difficulties may not flow from conventional ASD methodology.

‘The written and oral professional evidence on the parents’ side has been compelling’.

SEND Tribunal Judge Margaret Richards, 2015 (SE830/14/00045)

‘Please accept this as a personal thank you for everything Hilary.  We really could not have got this far without you.  You have been an amazing source of knowledge, support and strength and I would highly recommend you to anyone who had need of your services.

Warmest regards’

J & DM

October 2015


‘You are like a light in a dark place, certainly for me, for all these young people. (YP) said that you are perfect!

Warmest wishes, Mrs B

August  2015

‘Dear Hilary,

Thank you so much for yesterday! It has been so helpful for us and lifted a huge worry of our shoulders. I am not sure about A, but I certainly did sleep better.

Again, thank you so much for yesterday, and your continued help and support. A and A were still talking about you hours after you left, so they really enjoyed having you here too.

Thank you so much!

Best wishes and kind regards’

[The D-G Family]

August 2015

Email from parents following assessment for, and diagnosis of, 10 year old with PDA

‘Dear Dr Dyer,

Once again, thanks for the astonishing speed of your response and the very helpful  suggestions as to the way forward which I will now pass on to all parties.

With best regards’

Solicitor, County Council, Child Protection Section,


July 2015

‘Hi Hilary,

WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can’t quite believe it! They decided (residential specialist school) was cheaper, (mainstream secondary) couldn’t meet her needs and she needed a specialist dyslexia teacher.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for all of your hard work and dedication – we couldn’t have done it without you.’

Mrs L (mum)

July 2015

‘Hi Hilary,

Thanks for everything you have done. It’s just sickening that (YP) didn’t get the help he needed despite our many requests and communications.

I’m so pleased I ‘googled’ and found you! You are perfect for (YP) – he said you are a very feisty lady with a great personality! He thinks you’re fabulous.

Warmest wishes from us all, Mrs B’

July 2015

‘Hi Hilary,

(YP) is very happy with your diagnosis of PDA! He has relaxed. So am I happy. Its so good to go from suspecting to knowing. To have a confirmed diagnosis is quite liberating!

Many, many thanks. You were wonderful with him it was educational to see.

Warmest wishes P’

June 2015

‘We have just been notified that J will be attending (independent specialist) School..  J is very happy about the news and is excited to start.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the crucial part that you played in getting J into (independent specialist school) and the Statementing process beforehand.  He is a lucky boy to have such dedicated professionals working with him, in his best interest.

Thank you and kind regards’

Mr & Mrs G (parents) June 2015

‘We will always be grateful to you for confirming our suspicions, putting it in writing and then playing an absolute blinder at the tribunal hearing. You are worth your weight in gold.’


Mr & Mrs S  June 2015 following my PDA diagnosis of their son,  and SEND Tribunal Hearing.

‘There is absolutely no one better for the job than you’

‘Both your reports were stunning and I work with many different psychologists.  And you were completely right about the dyscalculia and dysgraphia.’


Dear Hilary

I am delighted to report that we were successful in our appeal. We have got the placement at S, with 2 nights residential.

I wanted to sincerely thank you for all your help and advice. I don’t think we could have done it without you.

Very best wishes



‘Hi Hilary, thanks very much for this report, fantastic. You have an incredible attention to detail. I’ve never read a draft report with fewer typos. A continues to enjoy her time at (new school), and we’re really pleased.

We hope all is well with you, we are very grateful to have found you, and have the benefit of your expertise and wisdom.

All the best, enjoy the weekend.’



Dear Hilary,

We have just been told that G has been offered a place at DH School with transport. Just waiting for written confirmation but he should be starting after Feb half term. Huge relief.

Thanks for all your help and support.





Hi Hilary,

Thank you so much for all of your help and support, it really is appreciated and the smile on K’s face last night was worth every single second of the stress of the last year or so.

(LA conceded at Hearing – Appeal against a Note in Lieu)

‘Dear Hilary

Thank you very much for all your hard work and dedication.

I have forwarded a copy of your report to the LA and await their response.

Best wishes


‘Thank you again for speaking to our group last week. You got rave reviews! Everyone was so impressed by you’

‘Hi Dr Hilary,

Good news! Local Authority has approved the H school fees for J. The school wants him to start in September 2014. Thank you for your assistance’

‘Dear Hilary,

Thank you so much for your report. It is very thorough and exactly what we wanted.  Very many thanks to you for all of your help, advice, and support through all of this. We are very grateful indeed. I will certainly let you know how things go, and you will be our lady should we have to take this to tribunal!’

‘Thank you for being you and for being so utterly wonderful with A. You really understand him, and it was great to see him tune in with you on the assessment day.’

‘Hi Hilary,

We got the tribunal decision/order paperwork over the weekend. We are pleased that our appeal, with the support of our expert witnesses was successful :

‘we have concluded that C’s SEN can be met at [school name] only if he is allocated a place in the ASD Base, and amended part 3 accordingly’.


‘Thank you for your very accurate and detailed report… Both feeling much more confident after reading your report. Thank you again’

‘Dr Hilary Dyer was the only Independent Educational Psychologist that I had spoken to who I felt not only understood and had experience dealing with my son’s multiple disabilities, but was also willing to take on our case as my son was being independently educated.

She was very prompt at sending me further information. Her wealth of experience in her field was very apparent and her attention to detail evident.

I commissioned her to do a full assessment of my son. Whilst she assessed my son she spoke slowly and carefully, and took as much time as was needed to complete all of the tests. She also spent further time at my son’s school to get a full picture of my child’s needs.

Dr Hilary Dyer was there every step of the way to offer advice and to help me with some of the more legal aspects that had arisen.

She has gone above and beyond the remit that was originally agreed, and has been a constant source of advice and knowledge.

I would have no hesitation in recommending her to other parents in my situation.’


Extracts from Letter from Dr K to Mr & Mrs F, parents of H

‘The very detailed report from the Independent Educational Psychologist Dr Hilary Dyer puts forward the diagnosis of Pathological Demand Avoidance as an explanation…. Without doubt Pathological Demand Avoidance is a key feature of his behaviour and Dr Hilary Dyer has made some excellent recommendations to be used in the school setting to help with this…. The many recommendations made by Dr Hilary Dyer should be put in place.

‘Hi Hilary, I thought you might like to read the attached letter from H’s Paediatrician, which following the 3Di assessment confirms ASD. She was also very impressed with your report and previously didn’t want to entertain PDA. However since reading your report she has recognised it as part of his diagnosis and has supported your recommendations. Thank you again. Another step forward on our journey.’



Really enjoyed the training last night and found it very informative.


I found the PDA seminar very interesting and informative and it gave me more confidence to tackle issues regarding P’s schooling. I brought P’s PA, who is a teacher at M Special School. She was very impressed also and has spoken to the Headmistress who has shown an interest in you possibly coming to school to do a talk to other staff members.

Thank you again, it would be lovely to support your efforts in research for PDA.

Kind Regards   K

Hi Hilary,

It was nice to meet you finally. I’m grateful for your commitment and recognition of PDA.

Sensory issues do seem to be very prominent in PDA. The booklet we hope to get funding for has a large section on sensory issues and Phil (Christie) has certainly looked this over and endorsed its production.

Thanks for your very helpful update and do keep in touch


‘Hello Hillary
Lots of time has passed and I thought I would let you know how things are. We
think of you often and your report has bought so many benefits to B that we
would never have dreamt possible. I occasionally hear of your work through
other families.  Take care of yourself and thanks again for everything you

‘We were so impressed with the diligent and compassionate approach of your assessment of our daughter’s needs. Your wide expertise and natural instincts for what is important has provided us with a very clear and powerful report, and we value your friendship which we have also gained in the process.’

‘As parents of 3 children on the autistic spectrum with additional diagnoses and statements of SEN, we know just how hard it is to battle for the education which we know our children need. When we first contacted Hilary, we were distressed and worried about the prospect of numerous assessments for our son and also about how he would cope. Hilary interacted with our son on a level with which he engaged and was understood. After observing the thorough assessment and reading her detailed report, it was clear to us that she understood his strengths as well as his weaknesses. She has been very supportive throughout and has answered our (many) questions swiftly making us feel supported by a true professional. Thank you for everything, and fingers crossed for the battle ahead!’

“We saw Dr M today – he was incredibly impressed with your report.”

“We engaged Dr Hilary Dyer to conduct a full assessment of our son in June 2013. He had been diagnosed with ASD and ADHD the June before. He had started in mainstream school in September 2012, but was still unable to attend for more than three hours a day by May 2013, which is when I contacted Hilary (she’s ‘Hilary’ to parents!!). We were in the throes of the Statement process, having been issued a wholly inadequate proposed statement of SEN, which was based almost entirely on the LEA Educational Psychologists assessment of my son. I had been very disappointed in this assessment as it did not reflect my son’s needs at all. I continue to wonder how someone can claim to professionally ‘assess’ a child with special needs in the space of 10 minutes…

From our very first contact with Hilary, she was enthusiastic, deeply interested in our case and flexible – our timescales were very tight. She was the first professional who actually spent a significant amount of time with our son – she assessed him in our home for over five hours and then spent half a day in school with him the following day. We were therefore very confident in her assessment and professional recommendations. Hilary remained sympathetic to our situation and indeed our finances. We had a 12 week old baby and I was on maternity leave at the time and she was very careful to ensure every second of her time was accounted for – and used very wisely! She even helped out holding the baby for me when my son needed my attention!

I had read up a little on PDA and mentioned my suspicions to Hilary but she remained open minded and completed her assessments and research before making the diagnosis. Her report was incredibly thorough and she had meticulously gone through all the reports and pieces of evidence I had sent her before diagnosing my son with PDA. Again, she remained sympathetic to the blow this diagnosis could bring, but also positive in explaining that the strategies that we were already using instinctively were the best for our son.

Following her diagnosis, she advised me on questions we should ask his potential educational placement and we are pleased to report that he is now attending an ASD special school, which specialise in PDA.

We recently had an appointment with our NHS paediatrician, who was highly impressed with Hilary’s report. So much so that he decided that our son needn’t undergo any further assessments and he is in complete agreement with Dr Dyer’s diagnosis – he even went so far as to say that he couldn’t have done such a thorough assessment himself! We also shared Hilary’s report with our son’s new school who were delighted to have such a detailed description of his needs and indeed the strategies that should be applied.

Recruiting Hilary to join ‘Team H’ represented a turning point in our crusade to help our son. She has enabled us to understand him better, to be more tolerant of his demand avoidance and has helped equip us with tools and strategies to meet his needs more appropriately. She was a delight to work with and made us feel very supported throughout a very challenging time.
We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Hilary to parents or guardians of children with special needs – especially if they suspect PDA. Her knowledge in this area is second to none.”

“Dear Hilary,

Thank you so much. We are over the moon with the report.

I am just in the process of writing to the LEA and will let you know how things progress.

It was a pleasure to have you on our team and a breath of fresh air to come across someone so thorough and committed to their work.We thank you very much for all you have done and will contact you if we need any more help!

Many thanks and best wishes”

“Dear Hilary,

Thank you so much for this amazing report, it is fantastic. I will now write a covering letter to the LEA requesting changes to statement and school placement.

I will be in touch.”

“Hi Hilary

Many thanks for the report. My husband and I will check through this and will revert.

Really appreciate your efforts.”

“Dear Hilary,

I have just returned from a week’s holiday to find the B decision has arrived – a clear decision in our favour!”