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Time for a break

I just want to let all potential clients know that given my current health issues and concerns, and with treatment about to start, I am taking a break from my practice and will not be accepting any new referrals or work in the coming few months. I know this will be a disappointment to all […]

Tell us something we don’t know: Another SEN parent story

Every day I get several enquiries about my services as a Specialist Consultant Independent Educational Psychologist from parents who are, quite frankly being served extremely poorly by the SEN system.  The most usual complaints that parents have are about having to be very assertive in their communications with teaching staff, SENCos and senior school managers […]

Rumour has it…

Rumour has it that I am: Dying – imminently Retiring I am delighted to confirm that neither is accurate or true.  I think a number of facebook posts have been made about the state of my health without actually checking with me my position.  So lots have been based on hearsay and misconception. I am also happy […]

PDA presentations in North Staffordshire

I am delighted to announce that I will be doing two new presentations in North Staffordshire in late April.  I will be presenting material from my forthcoming book ‘New Insights into PDA’. There are still some tickets available for the two events. Tickets can be booked via the Eventbrite site at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/new-insights-into-pathological-demand-avoidance-syndrome-pda-tickets-32409633085 My recent PDA […]

The A Word : Herd* it through the grapevine

It seems probable that it was the grapevine that was responsible, in this week’s episode, for the police tracking down Maya – who is apparently Joe’s unpaid carer/helper. She has come over from the Ukraine, and has overstayed her short term visa. So the action begins with Joe, Maya, and Alison all variously taking trips […]

The A Word : Conjugation* and conjugality

So Joe’s out walking on his own on the Cumbrian Fells. Again. What ?! Where are his parents ?  I’m with the well-intentioned stranger who pointed out that ‘he shouldn’t be out on his own. You know that!’ I’ve known social services take children into care for less than this. I’m confused about what point […]

The A Word : Pure Drama, but impure communication

Well the BBC1 drama continues to grip my attention for all the wrong reasons. It seems, given episode 2, that it’s not only Joe who has communication problems  given his recent ASD diagnosis. We saw his parents (Alison and Paul) completely failing to talk to each other about appropriate ‘schooling’ for Joe.  His mother – […]