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An exciting new PDA collaboration

I was delighted to receive recently an email from an adult PDAer complimenting me on an article I had written in the past.  It was from Harry Thompson, the well-known and highly-respected PDAer, author, and YouTuber.  Following that, Harry and I have been in further email contact and are currently discussing possible future collaborations and joint working in the field of PDA.

Firstly I am excited about attending the PDA experience day in Hatfield, on Saturday 23rd February, which is timed to coincide with the publication and release of Harry’s first PDA book  ‘The PDA Paradox’ an autobiographical account of Harry’s life as a PDAer.   I’ve pre-ordered my copy and cannot wait to read it, after the glowing review by Dr Judy Eaton. You can buy Harry’s book here :

Harry will also be attending as my special guest, my PDA presentation to Special Needs Circle, in Swadlincote, Derbyshire, on Wednesday 27th February.  Some tickets for this event are still available at :


Two PDA experts for the price of one !  Surely not to be missed!

We both look forward to meeting you there.

Harry and I are looking forward to collaborating to make the world a better place for PDAers.


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